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Part of our company's areas of expertise are Consultancy Services in the areas development of concepts, planning and implementation of sports projects, organizing and realization of sport and similar events; advising in the field of sport sponsoring and support of companies or institutions that intend to use sport as a communication / marketing platform (Corporate Communication).
As a Highlight of our high quality ISM offer is the Athlete Management & Commercialization by our experts, who are totally aligned to the athlete and his career. We also provide sport presenters / celebrities for different kind of events such as lectures etc.
ISM offers customized Special Insurances and Insurance Packages in the field of sports and entertainment. With our ISM 360° and ISM Special, we have two exceptional product packages and solutions for you, offering outstanding coverage and price / performance ratio (FINMA / FOPI reg. no. 27984).

ISM Mission statement

What is nowadays important?

  • Environmental conservation
  • Health care
  • Advanced Technology

So, why to invest in sports? It's an excellent school of life for a healthy youth of tomorrow and procures important life skills. Sport connects people all over the world and new partnerships, advantages and possibilities will result. So, sport is exciting and one of the most efficient marketing tools. We are convinced to further develop and promote the sport, based on our long term experience and our outstanding international network. This is the base for our successful Sport Management.



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